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T A H O E   T E A S 





The Spirit of Tahoe is the Spirit of Tahoe Teas 

 We strive for internal balance, general health, well-being, and a clean environment. We provide a pure, fresh and natural product that is beneficial for the body and the soul.

By using fine organic teas and other natural ingredients in Tahoe Teas™, we protect our own bodies as well as the environment from chemical pollution.

We encourage you to take time for yourself every day to exercise, and to eat and drink healthy, natural organic foods whenever possible.

Cozy up with a cup of Tahoe Teas™ and quiet your mind.

Tahoe Teas has improved the quality and variety of world-class teas that I am able to offer at Wolfdale’s Restaurant. As importantly the teas are reliably consistent and promptly available which makes my demanding life that much easier. Tahoe Teas is a great local company that
I am proud to serve.
— Douglas Dale -- Owner/Chef, Wolfdale's Restaurant
Tahoe Teas are locally made and a great addition to our North Lake Tahoe Visitor Center. They highlight the healthy lifestyle we strive to achieve in Tahoe and Visitors love to take them home as gifts for family. I personally love Tahoe Balance Tea. It is the perfect beverage hot or cold. Plus Alenka is professional and amazing to work with!
— Emily Sullivan-Detwiler -- Director, Tahoe North Visitor Services
I sell Tahoe Teas in my local art shop, I drink it at home and I bring it with me when I travel, leaving the rest of the bag as a thank you gift to the place that I rent for the trip. Tahoe Teas is one of my favorite vendors to work with as they deliver to me promptly and the product is always fresh and consistent. Thanks Alenka & Tahoe Teas!
— Jaclyn -- Owner, Trunk Show, Tahoe City, CA

There is a Tahoe Tea for Everyone